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    Predict your Cycles
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    myBiorhythm™ shows your personal cycles.
    Physical, Emotional and Intellectual.
    The graph indicates how your curves are
    going to change within the next few days.
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Predict your personal cycles


All the cycles drawn in a single graph.

Best and Worst

See the best and worst ten Days of the selected Year.


Check how the curves are going to develop over a longer period of time.

Apple Watch

Have your cycle directly on your wrist, no better place for a quick check.


The notion of periodic cycles in human fortunes is ancient; for instance, it is found in natal astrology and in folk beliefs about "lucky days". The 23- and 28-day rhythms used by biorhythmists, however, were first devised in the late 19th century by Wilhelm Fliess, a Berlin physician and patient of Sigmund Freud. Fliess believed that he observed regularities at 23- and 28-day intervals in a number of phenomena, including births and deaths. He labeled the 23-day rhythm "male" and the 28-day rhythm "female", matching the menstrual cycle. (Source: Wikipedia)

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