for Mobile App Development

The effort to create a good mobile app is mostly underestimated. This leads to a lot of stress, missed deadlines, poor quality and ultimately dissatisfied users.

This calculator should help you to get an idea of the context in which the costs (design, implementation and deployment) could be for an individual app.

  • Position x 2 6000.0

Number of Screens

The number of different views is a good indicator of the scope of the app and is therefore used as the base value for the calculation. Example: An app with an overview, a list view and a detail view would have 3 screens. A typical value for an average app would be 10.

Operating System

The development costs for the different Operating Systems are similar. A choice of two operating system thus doubling the time.


Screen Orientation


Supported Operating Systems

The more OS-Versions are supported, the greater the number of potential users could be, but also the cost of development and maintenance increases.

User Interface

Using the Controls provided by the OS controls is the simpliest way to go. Everything else requires specific design and development.


If your App handles sensitive data, this has to be considered, tested and protected all the ways known.


The desired quality has a direct impact on the effort. Successful apps are often of high quality.


Further Functionality


Maps & Navigation

Data & Communication

Graphics, Photo and Video